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The idea that drives CavyMadness is knowing that guinea pigs are a great companion for people, and that the best way to care for them is to learn from one another through community and education. Thousands of people visit the Facebook page for help, or just to meet new pig-friends. CavyMadness serves as a portal to a wide online community of guinea pig enthusiasts, spread over many advanced sites and messageboards such as the Guinea Pig's Daily Digest and GuineaLynx. But the heart of CavyMadness lies with these very dedicated individuals, who have helped shape the site and the community into what it is today.

guru and Facebook manager extraordinaire.

Born in FL, raised in MN, live in MA. Wannabe Oceanographer that switched majors in college to Computer Science. Love programming; have been programming at the same company for over 15 years. To complement my geekiness, I am also into quilting, making sculpey ornaments, Contra dancing and, of course, guinea pigs. I run a blog that combines my many hobbies called Crafts, Cavies, and Cooking. I also create crafts that I sell through my Etsy store, Painted Thread.

I fell in love with guinea pigs as a child when I discovered that they can talk to you. I've had guinea pigs on-and-off again since I was 12, and steadily since 1996 (I can't believe that). In June 2005 I adopted a young mother/daughter pair that I named Willow and Pippin, the 6th pair of girls I've owned.

I stumbled across CavyMadness late 2002, and discovered the joy of adopting guinea pigs from shelters. That also kicked off my involvement with guinea pig events, becoming the main organizer for the Boston Pignic and running the CavyMadness Facebook page. Guinea pigs are fascinating and entertaining little critters, and they definitely brighten up my life.

Joey Phoenix
They had her at "wheek."

One day when we were out on one of our walks my boyfriend turned to me and said: "Guinea Pigs." And I thought that he was crazy. But we kept walking and i kept thinking to myself, "You know what, it could be fun, and two is such a manageable number..."

Pet photography has always been a favorite of mine, simply because I love animals and have been photographing them for many years. I photograph ALL animals, whether it hops, swims, meows, wheeks, neighs, or anything else. If you’re in the greater Boston area and interested in setting up a session of your own, contact meto find out more!

Joey is a photographer based in Salem, MA who showcases her love of guinea pigs through her site The Wheekly and its companion Facebook page and Etsy shop. Joey works officially as Salem Pet Photo, and is often seen at guinea pig events such as the Boston Pignic and the MSPCA Nevins Farm annual Pig-a-Palooza.


Caroline Whittle
The very unique and awesome CavyCaroline.

I vividly remember my first introduction to guinea pigs when I was six. My best friend at the time had several in a grazing ark in her garden and I was immediately captivated. She caught one for me – he was a big tortie and white boar. He ran up to my neck and snuggled into my hair. I felt his warmth and softness, heard his quiet little squeakings and smelled that wonderful mix of guinea pig and fresh hay. That was it for me, folks: dandelions and fresh grass took on a whole new meaning and my heart was forever a piggie haven.

I have always loved to paint and draw, but for some reason, it didn’t occur to me to combine my two loves until I had a very special pig, Findley. He was a gift from wonderful Peter (Gurney). Findley was so full of life and mischief and quite soon ruled the roost at home. At that time I was a newly freelance designer of greeting cards and was stuck for inspiration as to what I should be sending to my clients, friends and family that year. I looked at Findley with that glint in his eye and I just knew he’d be out skiing, if only he could. That pig would do anything. My sister came up with ‘Out of the Hutch’ as the theme name and it has been my joy to spread the fun and the magic.

I’ve been away for a while due to illness, but now I’m back, I want to infect as many people as possible with guinea love, through my paintings. I hope you all love my latest art, available at CavyMadness and through my "Caroline's Magic" Etsy shop. Isn’t that the perfect pastime for goodness and guineas!

instigator of all this madness.

I vaguely remember having a guinea pig as a pet while growing up in England, but I may have been too small to appreciate it. In 1993, my boyfriend noticed a whoosh of orange and white hair darting about in a pen at the MSPCA, and thus began the genesis of my modern-day guinea pig madness. The full line of guinea pigs is chronicled in the meet the madness page. I love guinea pigs for their loafy, amicable nature. They are both strong and delicate at the same time; their rotund little selves make me happy.

I began CavyMadness in 1999, because I had been searching around online for guinea pig information, and found sites sorely lacking; a couple of very technical sites existed, but as a beginner, I was overwhelmed by their content. Since I was already a graphic designer, I decided to expand my skills in web design and see what I could come up with.

Since then, I've developed the site into an online community, with really is the focus of CavyMadness. A handful of people (whom I hope to add to this page) manage the Facebook page and PignicCentral companion page, and many others create lovely items that are sold online.

I'm always ecstatic when I receive emails that express how CavyMadness has helped make people better pig-parents. I've received fan mail and tokens of appreciation over the years, and I am filled with happiness knowing that I've been able to reach out in my small way to people and their (new) pigs all over the world.


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