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cavy care

  • North Carolina Academy of Small Animal Medicine (NCASAM) is an association of veterinarians, formed in 1970. NCASAM is a non-profit organization whose objectives include the advancement of skills and knowledge of small animal medicine and surgery through post-graduate study; the promotion of the highest standards of veterinary medicine and services; and the promotion of fellowship opportunities for veterinarians with similar interests.
  • The Peter Gurney Guinea Pig Health Guide — [archive] Advice on a wide range of guinea pig health topics. Set up at Peterís request, with revenue going to charities such as The Cambridge Cavy Trust, which runs the guinea pig hospital at Wyton, near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, UK, a cause dear to Peterís heart.

rescues and clubs

animal advocacy groups

  • ASPCA — American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • IMOM (In Memory of Magic) — Helping sick, injured, or neglected companion animals
  • Animal Aid (UK) — the UK's largest and oldest animal rights organization
  • Wetnose Campaign — A fundraising site that helps small UK rescues


newsletters, digests, forums

shopping and goodies

fun stuff

huge cavy sites

A true labor of love: personal sites that encompass so much more...

caviaries and breeds

CavyMadhess is a rescue and adoption advocacy community, so we do not list links for caviaries and breeders. For anyone with an academic interest, please refer to the The American Cavy Breeders Association (ACBA) website.

personal & miscellaneous pig pages

boffo sites (non-pig)

I do occasionally stray from guinea pig sites, and have found these sites to be informative, amusing or downright genius.

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