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the Wall of Love: thank you for your support!

Thank you for your interest in helping support CavyMadness. Keeping CavyMadness online and updated has been a labor of love, and I have sincerely appreciated the help over the years with donations both large and small. I am not a nonprofit organization, so your donations are not tax-deductible. Donations help with server backups and maintenance, and offsetting costs of creating shop items, allowing me to donate items to rescue organizations.

If you have donated and would like to be featured on this page, please send a photo and your greeting, and I will gladly add you!


Here's a picture of our new friend, Oliver Twist (3 months old). He was adopted from the Animal Rescue League of Boston a couple of weeks ago. He's the best little guy!

Great website, we love it.

Korin in East Bridgewater, MA

A huge round of thanks to the donors for foster Pig Tom's neuter surgery: Margaret, Brenda, Laura, Dana, Bella, Ilda, Lisa, Diana, and Dee!

Donation for (foster pig) Tom's neuter - 11/2009

Thanks for all the hard work that you do in maintaining the website and putting on great pignics! I have two pigs myself and your website has been an invaluable resource. I hope this small donation can help you with your current foster pig's neutering. Hopefully he can soon join his playmate!
~Brenda and the piggies, Zoe and Nola.

cavymadness donor nola

Hey Tammy! THANK YOU for keeping your site up. It's a Great place for Piggie Lovers and I love the pigtures and the newsletter and of course, all of the cool stuff to buy. Your site is one of Princess Snowflake's favorites as you can tell by the Big Smile on her face...Wheeeeek!

-Leah and Princess Snowflake

thank you Susan and Wayne!
top: Mellow; bottom left: Niki
bottom right: Mocha
cavymadness donors



Thanks so much for giving us a place to go where other people are as MAD about guinea pigs as us! They are such comforting and companionable creatures. Here is our Fern. She came to us from an MSPCA shelter last spring. She now rules the home!

-Jeff and Ilda, Massachusetts


.... and thank you, Jeff and Ilda, for your support!

cavymadness donors: fern

I've visited your site regularly ever since I got my first piggies Muffin and Pepper. Some of the info on the site proved to be quite handy, especially when I feared Muffin might be a boy instead of a girl after all... (she couldn't stop struttin' her stuff in front of Pepper...) Anyway, all turned out okay in the end, and I am currently the proud 'mother' of 5 girls: Muffin & Pepper (both almost 4), Boo & Teddy (both almost 1,5) and last but certainly not least my baby Baloo (4 months).

I think your site is worthwhile in providing info on cavies, and also because I have a soft spot for fellow cavy-mad redheads ;-)

Keep up the good work.
Claudia B


hi Tammy and "crowd." Momma loves your newsletter so I told her she should send you "a little something." She promised me that she would not cut back on my treats if she did. :)

-Lady Bug


In memory of Winnie.
From Julie, from whom I adopted Winnie and Gwinnie, after I announced that Winnie had died (April 2007)...

Hi Tammy,
What a shock to me! Though I guess she was getting old. Just not what i expected to find when i opened up my email today! Needless to say, after a bit of crying, i am feeling, well, still sad. I am so glad that you were able to give her a loving home.... I have to THANK YOU for stepping in where i could no longer be a piggie mommy and just know in my heart that she got the care, love, and attention a piggie needs from you. Please send Gertrude/Gwinnie my love and i hope to see you and her at the spring pignic. Thank you again for being a mommy to my girls and taking them in to your madness! If possible, can you dedicate my donation in memory of Winifred? I would so much appreciate it! Thank you!!


Tammy, you do so much! The pignic, the prizes, the pigtures, the website.... Thank you so much! Your work makes people and piggies lives happier and better. I'm glad you are willing to do all of this.

Elizabeth C


Thanks Tammy for all your time, energy and money that go into keeping your site up! It is legendary! We love it!

Love, Pumpkin, Hogg & Squeekers

left to right are: Tom, Huck, Big Jim, Thatcher, Becky, and Aunt Polly
Wheee thank you for having such a wonderful web site that enables owners to learn more about cavies while having fun doing so. Your store is awesome too! --Donna and the 6 South Carolina Piggies


The first pic is of my current cavi, Blacky. I've had him since September 2003. He's 'store-bought', and is the largest cavi I even had (I've constantly had cavies since '76!). The second pic is of my Burmese cat 'mothering' 2 Teddies - Streak (black) and Teddy (brown), back around '95.

The same cat tried to nurse my 'Midnight' back to health. Unfortunately it didn't work. Midnight just couldn't take being left overnight at the vets for neutering - he came home real sick and passed-on within 24 hrs! (But I think you'd appreciate the cat caring for him.)

Patty, Upstate New York

Here is a picture of my piggie Loki.
Thank you for your wonderful site!

(top row, left-to-right):
Lily (1-year-old girl)
Sweet Potato (1.5 year-old girl, and Miss February in the 2006 calendar!)
Junebug (1-year-old girl)

(bottom row, left-to-right)
Truffle (5-year-old boy)
Zeke (2.5-year-old boy)

Jennifer, Bethlehem, PA
a (happy) slave to my very-pampered piggies!


Dear Tammy,
I'm part of what is probably a very small minority. I don't have any piggies right now. I've had piggies in the past and hope to have them again in the future. I enjoy looking at all the adorable pictures. I used one of the Christmas ones as the wallpaper on my PC desktop and everyone enjoyed it. Thank you for all the hard work you put into making CavyMadness a fun place to be.




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