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CavyMadness is not a shelter. However, the CavyMadness Facebook community is filled with over 2,000 people from all over the world who can offer suggestions for rescues and adoption centers in your area.

Why adopt?

This page is under development; it will feature a listing of as many rescues and shelters as possible, sorted by geographical region. If you have information on a rescue, please email me with the details, following the "template" listings below. Photos are not necessary, but logos are welcome!


Nevins Farm MSPCA
400 Broadway, Methuen MA
phone: (978) 687-7453

email Uli

visit Nevins Farm MSPCA

Adoptables are posted on the CavyMadness Facebook page with as much information as possible. Uli is the main contact for guinea pig adoptions, as well as a wealth of information.




Precious Critters Pet Rescue
Spring, TX
phone: 281-413-2103

Precious Critters Pet Rescue website
Precious Critters on Petfinder
Precious Critters Facebook page

A non-profit no kill exotic animal rescue group serving the Houston area since 2007. We primarily rescue guinea pigs, but also accept hedgehogs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, degus, birds, geckos and other small critters.



Nationwide adoptable pet listings!

(click on "small and furry" for guinea pigs)







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