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Keeping guinea pigs warm on cold days

From the CavyMadness messageboard:

What can i buy to put in the cage to keep my piggy a little bit warmer?
They are in the living room with me but the c&c cage is on the floor and i just want to be sure they're warm enough.

From Sally:
First, drafts are a worse enemy for pigs that the cold. A guinea pig can be quite happy in cool temperatures, even in the high 50s, if they don't have drafty or damp quarters. Generally, I don't like to keep my pigs in less than 60F... mostly because I don't like it that chilly.

Having the cage on the floor can be chilly and drafty. Is there any way you can pull it off the floor, even by a foot or two? Many people will use extra grids to fashion a storage area under the cage, which is good for hiding bedding and food, as well as raising the cage.

Beyond that, hidey houses, pigloos, cavy cozies and just even extra towels are all stuff they can snuggle into to stay warm. I have, on occasion, draped a large fleece over the cage at night, if I thought the room would really cool off


From MaineShutterbug:
My new boy, Bijou, is the first pig I've ever cared for that actually went UNDER or INTO a blanket I've used. I bought both boys a cavy cozy from Tammy when I got them. (Bijou spends more time in his cozy than he does in his wooden hut.) As usual, Monet seems to prefer being ON it than under it. Before cavy cozies I'd buy odd-colored bath hand towels so I'd know which ones were the guinea pigs' after they'd go in the laundry. I have off-colored regular bath towels to cover the cage tops when its drafty. I only keep the cages against inside walls of the apartment and keep them out of direct line of the windows, as they are drafty. I keep plastic on them during the winter - for me and them. It's not easy to keep them covered, but I learned the hard way when the landlord nailed one window open and my first pig, Milo, got sick from the draft and he never recovered. I am now near paranoid when it comes to drafts. I run warm and prefer to be chilly, so I am hyper vigilant on pig temperatures.

At the animal shelter we have a door to outside bunny pens in our small animal room, and its super drafty in the winter. We use copious amounts of hay in cages closer to the door so they can hide under the hay and put fleece and wool blankets over their cages to keep out the cold. We will also stack their cages between other cages so they have buffers for their cages.




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